University of aberdeen thesis submission

Ranked in the top 10 globally by LLM Guide. The LLM Energy Law with Professional Skills offers a practical alternative, with hands-on learning and job-focused training in lieu of a dissertation.

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It provides graduates with the knowledge and the full range of skills required to play a key role in the coming decades as the world seeks to meet growing energy demand and the consequent need for unprecedented levels of investment.

You gain an in-depth understanding of energy Law and policy, as well as knowledge of corporate governance and responsibility. Opportunities to develop concrete, industry-sought skills are incorporated into the degree course and acquired alongside and during the study of Energy Law. For example, intensive case-study based exercises in the fields of project finance and project management add relevance and allure to your CV. Upon completion of the Professional Communication component, graduates demonstrate understanding of a range of professional communication issues, including, intercultural and interdisciplinary communication, leadership and hierarchy and gendered discourse.

Graduates are well placed to operate in a complex, globalised working environment and to progress quickly to leadership roles. Four optional courses must be selected. Two should be selected from semester 1 and two from semester 2. This compulsory course provides students from diverse legal and educational backgrounds with a common understanding of the core research, analytical, and writing skills which would be required to excel in LLM-Taught courses.

Form and Presentation of Theses for Higher Degree

It commences with a few lectures and progresses to working in a workshop environment and finally to the submission of an individual assignment. It also incorporates elements such as library workshops to provide students with hands-on experience with the resources available for course and dissertation work. The purpose of this course is to introduce the main principles of environmental law.

The course analyses the challenges of environmental protection from the perspective of international, European and national law.

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Besides the conceptual analysis of the main principles of environmental law and methods of regulation, the course focuses on the delicate interaction between the principles of economic law e.

Is there a conflict between economic law and environmental law or are these fields of law mutually reinforcing? Corporate environmental liability is a significant area of concern not only for those corporations engaged in activities which exhibit environmental risk but society as whole.

An efficient, effective liability regime must be present to ensure that corporations do not shirk their financial liabilities. The course draws attention to the conflicting goals of corporate law i. Whilst the course focuses on EU environmental law, many of the concepts covered are relevant to other jurisdictions.

The transport and supply of hydrocarbons oil and gas and electricity is essential for modern civilisation. If energy cannot get to the consumer, then energy security is threatened and economic development may be restricted.

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These challenges are important in the context of the liberalisation of these sectors, especially the restructuring of these industries from monopolies to competitive markets. This course explores the law and policy framework governing the movement and distribution of energy, particularly within a liberalised market, in an era of climate change.

Energy Law

Topics covered include market liberalisation, energy security, gas sales and transport, and market regulation. Nuclear energy and carbon capture and storage are seen by some governments as key contributors alongside renewable energy to the decarbonisation of energy supplies. However, significant risks of harm to the environment and human health and challenges with securing investment and overcoming public concerns are associated with the use of both technologies.However, the initial submission of the thesis for examination may be presented in hard copy at the request of the examiners.

The examination hard copy must be in a standard word processed and printed format acceptable to the examiners. The font type must be Arial, Times New Roman or an approved equivalent and must be consistent throughout the thesis, including chapter headings, quotations and references. If the thesis is based upon joint research, the nature and extent of the candidate's individual contribution must be clearly defined.

A candidate who fails to satisfy any of the requirements of this sub-section will not be permitted to graduate. The following recommendations, which do not form part of the above Regulations, are intended to be of assistance to those preparing theses for higher degrees.

Toggle navigation University of Dundee. If the thesis is based upon joint research, the nature and extent of the candidate's individual contribution must be clearly defined; 10 Following the declaration and statement referred to in Regulation 9, there must be a summary of the contents of approximately three hundred words.

Notes The following recommendations, which do not form part of the above Regulations, are intended to be of assistance to those preparing theses for higher degrees. Updated 1st June While I have enjoyed the academic program overall, there have been a few things that have really bothered me about the University. If I had known these things before coming here, I think I would have done a few things differently.

With that in mind, I thought I would post my gripes here for prospective students to learn from my experiences. Accommodation: The accommodation at the University is quite expensive for what it is.

In addition, the people who control accommodation are the most disorganised bunch of buffons I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. For example, this summer an "edict from on high" came down that all grad students had to move residences mid-way through the summer.

Why you should choose to study at the University of Aberdeen

No reason was given. No official word or notice was given--it all passed by word of mouth!!! The excuse was that they did not want people moving early--one wonders how this information would allow people to move without keys, but I do not attempt to analyse how these people think All in all, if you can avoid having to be in residence at Aberdeen, take my advice and jump at the chance.

The administration is the most disorganised and unsympathetic I have ever had to deal with, and the less time speant with them the better for your own mental sanity!! Academics: I enjoyed my LLM program in terms of the classes available. I really have no complaints about how the classes were taught or the standards used. I wish there were actually more classes, as I felt the course load was a bit light What I do take issue with, however, is the dissertation program over the summer.

While a dissertation plan was required prior to commencement, I received no meaningful feedback in creation of this plan or in its evaluation. I also received no assistance with the dissertation itself. In short, I felt that I was left high and dry. I was informed by administration that the dissertation was arranged this way because previously there had been concern that professors gave too much assistance to students on their projects. While I admit that this is certainly an issue that should be addressed, there must be a happy medium between providing too much assistance and providing none!!!

I paid a lot of money to come here as a foreign student, and I really feel that I did not get my money's worth regarding supervision on my dissertation. I hope my experience can be of some assistance to people considering Aberdeen in the future. Cheers, zixx I was at Abredeen betweenI had many of the same problems. It is great to see that in 10 years they have not changed. Best of luck you will need it.

Great feedback! I was considering the University of Aberdeen myself When I was still considering taking up Aberdeen's offer, I looked into University accommodation and did find it extremely expensive About the dissertation thing, I really had no idea it played out that way.

Very sad, especially if you're an overseas student paying almost 10, quid for the programme. Thanks to God and my intuition and also other persons, who said that Aberdeen is very small town, I have chosen to go to Glasgow. I hope I made a right choice. Is the accomodation really so bad? Do they have internet connection :D?We use cookies on our website. To learn more about the cookies we use, please see our cookie policy. You can manage cookies via your browser settings. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Accept and Close. To download a PDF version of the guidelines please click here.

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The following notes will guide you when completing the form necessary for submission of your thesis for examination by Aberystwyth University. A checklist has been included to assist you with ensuring you have completed all the necessary steps prior to submitting your work. Included in these notes is the Mandatory Layout for the Declaration and Statements form which must be included with your thesis.

The content of this page should be reproduced as is, then completed, signed and included within the binding of the thesis. Use black ink for all forms. Following the guidance carefully and fully will allow the University to examine your thesis in a timely manner.

Please read the notes of guidance carefully, separate them from the forms and sheets and retain them for future reference. Notes of Guidance for Candidates Please read these notes through then detach and retain them prior to submission of your work and the related supporting documentation required. In the case of candidates following approved research degree schemes which fall within the University's subject area of Creative and Performing Arts, the thesis may take one or more of the following forms: artefacts, score, portfolio of original works, performance or exhibition.

The submission shall be accompanied by a written commentary placing it in its academic context together with any other items which may be required e. You may elect to be admitted to the degree in one of two ways:.

Congregations are held once per year in July. This is an administrative procedure at which you will not be present. Certificates are issued as soon as possible. Please note that if you are admitted in absentia you cannot graduate subsequently at a degree congregation. If you wish to attend a congregation, please note that, the thesis must submitted in sufficient time for the examination and requisite administrative procedures to be completed. This would normally mean submitting your thesis by early February.

Your examination process must normally be fully complete, including approval of any required corrections by the Examiners by the first week of June to be eligible for inclusion in the Graduation Ceremony. A loose copy of the summary of your thesis will be used for inclusion in an electronic data base of theses summaries.Below are links to forms and documents that you need to complete in order to submit your thesis.

More detail about the examination process can be found in section 13 of the Academic Quality Handbook. Not less than one month before your intended date of submission, and four months before intended graduation, you must give notice in writing to the Registry of your intention to submit a thesis. The library publishes a guidance note on the submission of research theses. This provides information on the submission process, formatting requirements for University of Aberdeen theses, and details of the oral examination process.

Sitting down to write your thesis is an intimidating prospect, but help is out there. As with much of your PhD, your best source of support will be your supervisor. He or she will want you to produce a high quality thesis on time. However, there are some other excellent sources of information:. Notice of Intention to Submit Not less than one month before your intended date of submission, and four months before intended graduation, you must give notice in writing to the Registry of your intention to submit a thesis.

Guidance on Submission of Theses The library publishes a guidance note on the submission of research theses.This handbook provides guidance and practical advice for those undertaking a degree by research. Research programmes entail a lot of diversity depending on discipline and so the handbook outlines good practice and key information.

The Quality Code provides a key reference point for all UK Higher Education to set and maintain standards of awards and manage quality of provision. Both involve an emphasis on independent research undertaken by the candidate over the duration of their studies. The QAA defines doctoral degrees as qualifications rooted in original research.

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This is characterised as the creation of new knowledge or originality in the application of knowledge. Your research degree is examined by submission of a thesis and oral examination usually referred to as the viva. What postgraduate awards are available? The following degrees are available by research:.

How is my degree funded? There are three main types of student in terms of funding. How you are funded will make a difference to some processes, such as applying to make a change to the terms of your study.

university of aberdeen thesis submission

Should you need to complete a change of circumstances application eg to extend or suspend your studies for a time then you will not need to inform any external body. Sponsored: this means that you receive some form of external support administered directly to you.

For example, money from a government sponsor. You will be paid by them directly and the University will invoice you or your sponsor for fees.

Procedure for the submission of Theses for Examination (PHD, PhDFA, MPhil, LLM (Research)

Your School will often be a good first point of contact if you have any queries relating to this. Should you need to complete a change of circumstances application eg to extend or suspend your studies for a time then you will need to contact your sponsor directly to inform them about this; the PGR School will not do this for you.

This may be in the form of fee payment or fee payment and a stipend award. The University administers these monies. Should you need to complete a change of circumstances application eg to extend or suspend your studies for a time then the Studentships team will liaise with your funder on your behalf.

You do not need to contact them directly. When you commence your studies, you will need to complete online registration, which includes making arrangements to pay tuition fees.

You will need to do this in each academic year during which you undertake supervised study. Details for online registration also known as eReg can be found on the University website.

university of aberdeen thesis submission

For new students, our new student guide will direct you through the process for initial registration. The PGR School holds regular induction events to welcome you as you start your research. Supervised study describes the time during which you pay tuition fees. Supervisors are normally professors, readers or l ecturers of the University, or may be honorary members of staff, or members of staff of an approved research institution.

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university of aberdeen thesis submission

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university of aberdeen thesis submission


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