Presentation boards with easel frame cover

Affordable Display Products, Inc. Call My Cart: 0. Our Products. My Cart. Tell a Friend. Just insert your changeable ad in these sturdy but cheap cardboard easels. These display easels, sometimes referred to as literature display stands, feature our sturdy angled anti-tip design and are produced from sturdy 42 point chipboard. As you may guess, these cheap cardboard displays will not fall over.

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Display these cardboard easel displays horizontally or vertically, whatever works for your sign display needs. Due to its high sales volume, we stock s of these cardboard display stands in inventory on premises at all times at our Altamonte Springs, Florida warehouse.

If these cardboard signs, sometimes referred to as cardboard easels, are what you are looking for, buy them today to meet your literature display stands need. Imprinting Info Imprinting Specs.

Easels with Poster Frames Offer a Complete Display Solution

Graphic Template Links. More Info. Contact Affordable Display Products, Inc. Follow Us. All Rights Reserved. All Products. Literature Holders. Easel Displays. Easel Backs.Is your poster display missing something, perhaps that elegant touch you are looking for?

These freestanding poster easels are the perfect complement to any of our framing options because they put the focus right on your graphics! The frame stands and holders are available in a variety of materials, finishes, and styles. There are folding poster easels that feature tripod configurations with retractable legs as well as slim bifold options. Either way, the user can rest assured that their display stand is lightweight, transports easily, and stores neatly in tight spaces.

Many of the designs are adjustable, which enables them to hold a wide range of frame sizes. A classic wood finish poster easel, sometimes called a frame stand, is ideal for use in restaurants, galleries, and a great number of other locations for this reason.

Place one near an entryway, in a corner, or alongside another display to get the attention of your customers. Our online selection features poster frames and easels at such low prices that everyone can afford them!

Browse the various styles and designs to get the right one for your application or frame size! Find the right art print stand or picture frame holder for your business so you can exhibit a variety of important messages to customers or visitors.

Whether you are a restaurant that presents a list of menu items or a car dealership that showcases new model specifications, these ready made display stands are the way to go. This is especially true because they are portable in many cases.

The freedom to move a sign to any location in a showroom, conference center, or trade show hall increases the advertising power of any business or organization, so get one today! Easels Only. Easels with Poster Frames.

presentation boards with easel frame cover

Easels with Write-On Boards. Filter Results. How many different types of poster frame stands are available? Our company features several poster easel options. There are bundled packages that include both the frame and the stand, as well as write-on models for handwritten messages which are perfect for first-time buyers. The easels are also sold individually in a variety of designs in wood or metal.

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Most every style has adjustable components that make setting up a presentation a simple thing. Wood easels have a frame that is shaped like a slanted "L", which folds in half. Wooden easels are very popular for art galleries, studios, and classrooms. Metal stands typically feature the conventional tripod shape, but many are available with a number of different decorative accents. Some have scroll patterns that add an upscale look. Customers are able to select from a plethora of finishes.

Aluminum display easels are lightweight and portable, which are ideal features for a number of applications or locations. The economy models feature standard tripod designs with telescoping legs for added portability, and in some cases even come with their own carrying case. One of the best parts about these economy designs is that they help businesses reduce cost with bulk orders.

The more that are ordered, the lower the individual price! Other than an art gallery, where can you use a poster frame easel? We cannot discount the importance of using these easel racks as artistic displays. They are the perfect choice for museums, studios, and art galleries. They are great because they don't require any wall space and may be set up and taken down as needed.

The display racks usually sit in the front of the house where customers wait for service from a hostess. This way, they can preview the special entrees and dessert items prior to being seated at their table.We believe that marketing your brand should not be expensive. Unbreakable and much more durable than acrylic sign holders, the added benefits of choosing to buy Hutchco easel back sign holders are:.

An attached cardboard easel comes with every Easel Back Sign Holder, which folds flat for shipping. Every signholder also includes a clear plastic print protector cover-sleeve —which is a shatterproof, scratch proof, low glare vinyl.

Compare the price of our popular standard size 8. Hutchco is proud to be the USA manufacturer of display products designed to make your sales information, and brand name recognition, shine brighter than the competition. Each countertop display sign holder includes a removable clear plastic display cover, and cardboard easel attached on the back that folds out for support. These popular folding Easel Back Sign Holders are designed to hold your paper print between the crystal-clear plastic display cover that easily slides on and off and the sturdy easel board which is 70 pt.

Watch a demo on HutchcoVideo showing how to set up your easel back sign holder displays. Does your business use a wide variety of print sizes for its marketing materials? With all of those combinations, you will find plastic signage displays for all of your print materials, to display on any available counter top space, large or small.

If you do not see the size you are looking for just ask! We make all products in-house and will be glad to produce a quote for making your custom size. We help you display more of your business information even in limited spaces —at the checkout counter, near point-of-purchase displays, and on tabletops, or near products for sale in your retail showroom. These durable plastic brochure holders are sold in seven sizes, from small pockets designed for holding business cards —to literature holders as large as 8.

presentation boards with easel frame cover

Start saving money today on all your counter top marketing display signs! An attractive tabletop display will draw more attention to your sales information, so order the size and quantity you need today —and appreciate an increase in customer response.

Posted by David Leahy - Published on July 10, Very sturdy product, at a great cost. Very happy that these came so quickly as well, as we really needed these for a trade show event. We will definitely buy this product again. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Choose an option 8. Order by pm EST for same day shipping. Unbreakable and much more durable than acrylic sign holders, the added benefits of choosing to buy Hutchco easel back sign holders are: Clear plastic sign holder displays will not not break, scratch, chip, or turn cloudy over time.

Easy to use cardboard easel back wings fold flatand collapse, for storage and shipping. Plastic sign holders are true to size, and if you need a custom size —just ask! Eco-friendly vinyl cover sleeve is more biodegradable than acrylic. Plastic sign holders are shatterproof vinyl and more durable than fragile acrylic sign holders. Easel back sign holder will cost much less than an acrylic sign holder of the same size.What is the most cost-effective way to showcase portable signage?

Easels with poster frames provide the best of both worlds. They offer fast setup with total flexibility. Whether you need to prop up a sign inside a hotel lobby or welcome guests to a work seminar, easels with poster frames are the perfect choice for the job. What's more, these floor standing print displays are offered at a low, overall cost. Their value will only increase in time because they can be used again and again. Floor easels with poster frames provide the necessary call to action for any promotion or event!

Using tripods for display purposes have many uses. Thanks to their portability and ability to be placed just about anywhere, they have become quite visible in a large number of applications.

However, their main function is to attract attention to the occasion at hand. Announce a seasonal sale in front of your store. Display food menus to lure potential patrons through your door. Welcome guests to an outdoor wedding.

Promote the new traveling art exhibit at the museum. Point visitors to the seminar at trade shows.

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Advertise musical acts in pubs and bars. And what about locations such as nightclubs with very low lighting? Illuminated LED signs with floor easel combos add to the festive atmosphere. Your handwritten messages jump to life with colorful glowing lights behind the write-on surface. A fabulous way to promote any live musical event! Items Per Page: 48 24 36 48 72 96 Skip to main content. Document Picture Frames. Customers also bought. Free day shipping within the U. Prices may vary for AK and HI.

Arrives: Tuesday, Dec Best Seller in Document Frames. Mantello 8. Americanflat 11x14 Black Diploma Frame Displays 8. Shatter-Resistant Glass. Hanging Hardware Included!

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Americanflat 8. MCS 8. FREE delivery. Tasse Verre 8. Currently unavailable. See all results.

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presentation boards with easel frame cover

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presentation boards with easel frame cover

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