Maintenance management aviation degree

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maintenance management aviation degree

While e-learning won't replace traditional classrooms, it will change the way we know them today. With improved resources and reduced teacher workloads, classrooms can shift to co-learning spaces. Students can arrive, learn, engage—all at their own pace in a collaborative environment. More choice of course topics. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, maintenance management degree will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves.

Clear and detailed training methods for each lesson will ensure that students can acquire and apply knowledge into practice easily. The teaching tools of maintenance management degree are guaranteed to be the most complete and intuitive. However, that how to get a free Course Hero account is Living in a revolutionized world, we are all surrounded by means of electronics.

Electronics has made the life of an individual easier than ever.Learn More About The Program. Do you have the specialized training and expertise for aviation maintenance, but want to grow in your career? As an online student, you can take advantage of the vast resources of the largest flight school in Virginia and our regional hiring agreements to help you find a new, better role. With practical, in-demand skills and curriculum that is rooted in biblical principles, Liberty will help prepare you for success both in your aviation career and in your walk with Christ!

As a leader in distance education sincewe understand what it takes to create a flexible and affordable education for busy people. Since we have been investing in distance and online learning for decades, our experience has taught us how to streamline our degree options so you can focus on what really matters to you.

While many schools offer online degrees, we believe Liberty stands out. We are proud to support you in your pursuit of a flexible and affordable online education degree by offering you the following benefits:. As an accredited Christian college with a 7,acre campus in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University offers you an education that is both academically challenging and rooted in a biblical worldview.

As a nonprofit not-for-profit university, Liberty is in the business of training skilled professionals to make a difference in the world — not gaining profit, revenue, or producing dividends for shareholders. In keeping with our commitment to your education, we invest our resources back into degree programs and into your student experience. While many other online colleges have raised tuition, Liberty has been able to keep costs low as a nonprofit university and has not increased tuition in 6 straight years.

Lower tuition means less student loan debt for students. For Liberty University, nonprofit is more than a status; it is a valuable opportunity to invest in the lives of students who will go out and impact the world.The aviation maintenance management degree program was designed to broaden the perspective of aviation professionals. Is this a career that interests you? The aviation maintenance management program at Vaughn College will help you build solid technical background that will enable you to advance in the aviation industry.

The aviation maintenance management degree program will expose you to maintenance, avionics and the operation of aircraft systems, blending both theoretical and practical approaches. We place an additional emphasis on managerial skills, with training in accounting, marketing, business communications, industry and labor relations, economics and finance.

You will be prepared to lead and manage maintenance systems for the manufacturing and repair of aircrafts and their components with the skills you learn at Vaughn. The aviation maintenance management program consists of four components: 1. Aviation management jobs are high in demand, and the requirements for obtaining these positions continue to expand with the evolution of each related field and its technology.

They will also have acquired the foundation to further their studies at the graduate level. Vaughn graduates have had successful aviation careers in positions such as logistics manager, maintenance schedule manager, and maintenance production manager, among many others. The education, skills, and experience in internships that students gain during their coursework helps them advance to desirable opportunities in various industries.

Clicking the button below constitutes your express written consent, without obligation to purchase, to be contacted by Vaughn College including through automated technology, e. Standard message and data rates apply. Contact Information. Need assistance with this form?

Vaughn Forward: Reopening Plans. Learn More. Register for our Info. Session on Dec. Bachelor of Science Aviation Maintenance Management. Aviation Maintenance Degrees for Futureproof Managers The aviation maintenance management degree program was designed to broaden the perspective of aviation professionals.

CAREERS Aviation management jobs are high in demand, and the requirements for obtaining these positions continue to expand with the evolution of each related field and its technology.

More than companies have recruited on campus last year.

Maintenance Management| Aviation Degree | SIU

There were a total of graduates in The graduate class includes SeptemberDecember and May graduates. Simply complete the form below to receive information about Vaughn and get connected with an admissions counselor. First Name. Last Name. Verify Email. Street Address. State or Province Please select Country Please select Helena St. Kitts and Nevis St.Our program is designed to give students like you a working knowledge of aircraft technology, aviation safety, and airline management.

With training from our experienced faculty, you can launch an exciting career in air transportation. Our aviation courses will equip you to lead with excellence in the realm of aircraft safety and maintenance. Partner with us and gain the tools needed to be a successful, knowledgeable, and ethical aviation professional. To enroll in this program, you must meet one of the following requirements:.

Our School of Aeronautics seeks to produce quality candidates who can exercise expert knowledge in the aviation industry. Through our aviation management courses, you can achieve career readiness and gain the tools you need to build a successful future.

Real-World Training As pioneers in distance learning, we are committed to preparing students like you to enter the job market with skills and confidence. You can be confident that the training you receive will equip you for success in a variety of career paths.

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With our online B. Most importantly, you can stay invested in your family, job, and community while earning a degree that can take your career to the next level. Our faculty are committed to fostering your personal, academic, and professional growth. That way, you can stand out in the workplace as a person of integrity and reliability. Experience a challenging and rewarding curriculum at the largest flight school in Virginia.

Whether your goal is to work in the airline industry or at a private repair shop, this degree can equip you for a successful career in aviation maintenance. Many of the courses in this program provide a thorough look at the technical side of aircraft maintenance. Learn about the FAA regulations associated with manufacturing, operating, and maintaining aircraft. Through in-depth analysis of maintenance programs, technical planning, and aircraft control, you can prepare to address many issues that arise in the aerospace industry.

Safety is important in every aspect of aviation, and maintenance professionals play an essential role in creating a secure environment for pilots, passengers, and flight crews. Liberty University is dedicated to providing world-class educational experiences to military students across the globe.

Whether you are a current service member, discharged or retired from service, or the spouse of a service member or veteran, we are here to support you every step of the journey. As a thank-you for your dedication and service to our country, Liberty is honored to serve and support you in your pursuit of online education by offering the following benefits:. Earning this degree can equip you for many careers in the aeronautics industry.Teaching the next generation of maintenance professionals how to service, support, inspect, maintain and operate various types of aircraft.

Offered as an associate and bachelor's degree, our aviation maintenance management program also prepares students to take the Federal Aviation Administration's Airframe and Powerplant certification. Lab space consists of more than 11, square feet for students to gain hands-on experience working on real aircraft.

Learn troubleshooting and analytical skills when you work on these aircraft, aircraft systems, electrical simulators and build your own aircraft components. We prepare aviation maintenance management students with the technical skills needed to excel in their career.

maintenance management aviation degree

Aircraft maintenance is a growing industry. Our students work in private, commercial and military sectors. Your success is our focus. We prepare you with the tools to get a job after graduation through various networking opportunities, from on-campus career fairs to internships and conferences.

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With these tools at your fingertips, you'll stand above the rest. Get your degree at a university that meets all Federal Aviation Administration requirements for the Airframe and Powerplant certificate. Because we're an FAA-certified testing location with professors who are mechanical examiners, you can take your exams right on campus - no travel required. At K-State Polytechnic, we graduate aviation professionals, allowing you to take your career to any height.

Our program provides you the ability to learn on actual aircraft, with a fleet of more than 10 operable aircraft ranging from a Bell helicopter to a cabin-class, turbine-powered King Air 90 available in the lab. Check out the curriculum guide pdf for a comprehensive list of courses. Our professional advisors are there every step of the way to guide you through your educational journey. The aviation maintenance management curriculum meets the rigors and requirements of the FAA Part Aviation Maintenance Technical School certificate program to qualify candidates to earn the prestigious Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic ratings.

The AMM program conducts these courses in a well-equipped and large 38, sq. This allows our students to conduct engine runs, aircraft ground operations, and aircraft taxi in an operational environment. Classes, computer lab, and simulator training are conducted within the modern 33, sq.

Aviation Center that also has access to the airfield as well as convenient access to the campus. All within walking distance of the Student Life Center, cafeteria, student dorms, and other campus buildings. The goal is to provide educational opportunities that align with the variety of knowledge, leadership and skill competency needs of the aerospace industry.

Browse A-Z.As a recognized leader in aviation and aerospace education, Embry-Riddle prepares students to meet the future needs of the aviation industry. The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance degree is designed to lay the groundwork for a successful career within the aviation maintenance field. It focuses on numerous aspects of aviation. With an innovative curriculum comprised of credit hours and a combination of general education and aviation maintenance core courses, Embry-Riddle students gain a solid foundation for their career.

Students can take classes where and when they want. If you work in the aircraft maintenance field and are ready for advancement, Embry-Riddle can help. Our Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance degree lets you build on the skills you already possess, while laying the foundation for greater accomplishments.

Students may also earn maintenance credit as part of the overall curriculum. In addition to gaining critical skills needed to succeed in an aviation maintenance career, students will specialize in one of two maintenance functions: Management or Safety.

Plus, students gain a solid core of courses in general education, which prepares graduates for success in any industry, not just aviation.

In the aviation industry, the most crucial task is to keep the planes flying safely. Although the program is geared toward aviation and aerospace, its curriculum prepares graduates for success with companies in any industry. The total degree requirements are credit hours.

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In aviation maintenance, there is a continual need for the comprehensive management of maintenance programs. The Management specialization provides students of Aviation Maintenance an integrated understanding of the theories, concepts, and practical applications of logistics, procurement, production, life cycle analysis, and project management. In aviation maintenance, there is a recognized need for safety professionals. The Safety specialization provides students of Aviation Maintenance an opportunity to complement their practical experience with a study of aviation safety, focusing on the theories and concepts of human factors, mechanical and structural factors, system safety, and maintenance-related safety practices.

Minnesota student residents refer to State of Minnesota Course Requirement statement for Humanities requirements. Estimated Cost of Attendance. View Financial Aid Information. Learn about our General Education. Student Achievement Data. View our Academic Calendar. Degrees Non-Degree.

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance Management

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance. It focuses on numerous aspects of aviation maintenance, including aircraft electrical systems theory, airframe systems applications, organizational behavior and social responsibility and ethics. General Education Embry-Riddle courses in the general education categories of Communication Theory and Skills, Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical and Life Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science may be chosen from the list below, assuming prerequisite requirements are met.

Courses from other institutions are acceptable if they fall into these broad categories and are at the level specified.

Get Started Now:. Search our global locations. View our Online Education options. Embry-Riddle courses in the general education categories of Communication Theory and Skills, Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical and Life Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science may be chosen from the list below, assuming prerequisite requirements are met.

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Aviation Maintenance Management

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maintenance management aviation degree

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