Fitness centre marketing plan design

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The most motivating indoor cycling experience through connectivity. In this scenario, the concept already expressed by one of the leading scholars of commercial strategies inTheodore Lewitt, is as topical as it is often disregarded.

According to his study "Marketing myopia", having ascertained the existence of customer needs to be satisfied, the company operates backwards, first deciding how to satisfy the needs themselves, then realizing the products or services that will allow such satisfaction. It is clear how important it is in this context to define with precision the profile of the customer in order to be able to identify specific needs, even before idealizing the business model.

In this regard, it is crucial to note that those provided by a fitness centre are defined as proximity services for which the customer is not willing to travel long distances. Even in the presence of high purchase costs, which would imply an expansion of the commercial area, travel times are in fact relatively limited due to the high frequency of use.

Geo-location of the fitness centre It follows, therefore, that the definition of the catchment area is strongly correlated to the location of the activity and that the typical user to be profiled, is strictly related to it. In the definition of the entrepreneurial project aimed at creating a fitness club, localization is therefore considered one of the most important variables, to all intents and purposes, the first act of the project. It is a rigid choice because it generates stranded costs and involves a high investment.

Technogym 1rebeluk wellness design skillrun mycycling fitness toplocation beauty cortina interiordesign. By influencing the market of reference, i. Developing different types of geo-marketing analysis becomes therefore a key factor: ex ante analysis, which can be carried out in the mapping of the territory or part of it, and ex post analysis, following the identification of a site with a view to a new opening.

In the latter case, operationally the most frequent to develop, the objective of an ex post survey can be twofold: on the one hand the validation of the location in terms of commercial potential, and on the other hand the collection of information in order to adapt the structural characteristics and marketing mix of the new company to the demand of the area.

The correct relationship between the size of the structure and the catchment area, between the type of structure and services and the profile of the typical user, thus become essential elements for the profitability of a newly opened Club, whose accurate definition is, in fact, the second act of the project. It is here enclosed a fundamental step for the financial and management solidity of a modern "gymnasium", that is the need for the characteristics of the Club and the elements constituting the marketing mix to be perfectly aligned, all the more so in an area of relationship marketing in which the relationship with the customer is decisive and the experiential dimension of consumption is acquiring a growing importance for the consumer.

In this context, the synergy between consultant and designer becomes particularly valuable for the entrepreneur, better if they are specialized in this specific sector.

Gym fitness center marketing strategy

Definition of the Business Plan Assumed that the ultimate aim of the business activity is, by definition, the realization of a profit, the entrepreneur's objective must be to create a Club in which functionality and emotionality are in perfect balance aimed at maximizing the experiential value of the offer, in full respect of the budget considered financially sustainable. Once again, the design process must operate backwards, starting from the definition of the budget identified through the Business Plan tool.

The ideal process involves recursive consultant-designer interactions and proceeds with subsequent refinements. Thus, once the location has been identified, both its commercial potential by the consultant and structural potential by the designer are validated in advance.

Summarised as a first business model and its services, the suitability of the environments from a regulatory, functional, distributional and technical-economic point of view is verified, highlighting any critical points.

The creation of a system of the services potentially offered by the structure, the costs underlying their provision, as well as the maximum estimate of the construction cost deducted synthetically compared on the basis of historical data derived from interventions with characteristics similar to those under examinationcontribute to the elaboration of the first draft of the Business Plan.

Architectural and plant engineering design will then culminate in the executive design, the outcome of which will be the exact definition of each specific component of the Club whether it be a finish, a lighting body or a piece of furniture and consequently the exact definition of the construction cost in a phase necessarily prior to the actual construction and in which it will still be possible to intervene on all the parameters that contribute to define the cost of construction in order to eventually realign it to the budget initially established, preserving sustainability.

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Welcome to the Technogym community. You have no items in your shopping cart. Change country. It was the 80's when, in Italy, the first basements were transformed into amateur gyms frequented mainly by bodybuilders, physical fitness fanatics fed by the myths of famous movie stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno.

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Since then, a lot has been done in the gyms, but there is still a way to go. Analyzing the subject from a strictly managerial point of view, it is evident that, in the area of services dedicated to wellbeing, the constant growth of the sector was not followed by a parallel evolution of managerial skills.

While, on the one hand, the speed of the increase in demand and its relative transformation have strongly attracted investments, on the other hand, it has not happened as much with the development of the relative managerial skills.

Link Discover the history of Wellness. Tracing the evolutionary phases of the "gym" management model over time, three main stages are synthetically recognized. Initially, "management" is represented by the entrepreneur who, having had "technical" training, has an equally "technical" approach to service management.To browse Academia. Skip to main content.

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fitness centre marketing plan design

Otundo Richard. A short summary of this paper. The mission of Adam Fitness Centre is to offer affordable, convenient fitness training services to mostly women and male in the estate.

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They will have the personal background that will enable them to help the customers and enable them achieve their own fitness goals. Fitness training center will be offered at the Pangani shopping mall and will be open from 8:am in the morning to pm at night. By providing a low-cost, flexible alternative to expensive, off-site facilities, we expect to attract a large health conscious, fitness-oriented demographic and residents who are ready to work hard on their personal health.

To reach clients, we will use limited advertising, primarily utilizing social media and word of mouth methods. Adam Fitness centre will be structured as a partnership with between Mr. Aden Muktar and Mr Mohamed Ahmed. The objective is to become profitable within the first three months and to grow at a quick but manageable pace. Our monthly objective is to generate at least 20 new members. This will allow us to become a profitable fitness business. We aim to open and run a facility at full capacity within the first two years with to members.

Customer satisfaction is paramount. All will be treated fairly with the utmost respect. The creation of a unique, innovative, mid-scale atmosphere that will differentiate us from other competitors.

Execution of our primary goal to serve nothing but the highest quality of services to all our customers. Ensuring costs are low at all time. Making use the residents of Pangani estate by employing them as employees. It contains background information about the organization attempting to reach those goals.Photo editor: PicMonkey.

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The campaign, featuring a little green man, was meant to encourage people to join up and shed pounds put on over Christmas. Ketogenic Diet Calculator. Workout List Workout Humor Workouts.The reason of this growth is due to increase health and fitness related information and health-related awareness. It is indicated that global statistics of obesity and other lifestyle diseases is increasing especially in the children and adolescents.

Use of junk food, sedentary lifestyles, stress, lack of nutrition etc. The use of cell phone, laptops, and other technological advancements is the main cause of inactivity in the children and adolescents. Both men and women are equally participating in fitness related activities. Elderly are becoming more prone to the lifestyle diseases. So, the trend of fitness and gym is also increasing, and the business of fitness studio is also growing. In United States rates of obesity are getting alarming.

Focusing on health related issues is important these days. You can avoid unnecessary fats deposits simply through visiting health studio and maintain your appropriate BMI. You can take consultancy through dietitian and other health professionals.

Following are some causes of benefits of the fitness club in the health related industry main reason of increase of the fitness club. Starting a fitness center business plan template and a gum studio is not very easy and does not only mean to earn money. It requires a proper homework and knowledge of health. It is not only a business but offering professional services to the community, so maintaining professional standards are necessary. Writing business center plan is not easy. You must have a market survey and proper knowledge of all important matters.

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You must know current trends in health like yoga etc. Be clear in your vision and mission to achieve your professional goals.


You can take help from existing fitness business plan template available online and on this website. Review the plans and customize your stuff plan according to your demand and budget. You should have information related to legal issues and business taxes before starting it up.

The first step in writing a business plan is developing the vision and mission statements to succinctly communicate the purpose and value of the enterprise and what makes the business different from the competition. The next logical step is deciding the specific type of fitness services and facilities the business will offer customers.

Will it be a full-service free-standing fitness and sports center or a personal training business offering on-location services in gymnasium, homes, or businesses? There are unlimited variations between these two options, as a circuit training fitness gym in a retail mall or a health club offering a variety of fitness and spa services. The business plan defines the competitive business advantage and how the service model will meet the physical and mental health needs of the targeted market niche.

The business plan will provide the following information:. The health and fitness industry is very competitive, and startups enter the marketplace every day. The fitness industry is also variable on that new trends frequently appear. The fitness center business plan template needs to provide assurance to potential lenders and to the company management that potential obsolescence issues are addressed. The importance of presenting a professional, well thought out fitness center business plan with marketing and financial charts and presentations, in addition to the traditional descriptive sections like the Executive Summary, Company Overview, Products and Services, Industry or Market Analysis, Marketing and Sales Strategies, Management Structure, and Financial Plan, cannot be underestimated.

OGS Capital professionals work in close collaboration with startups, and businesses planning expansion, to develop compelling business plans that attract investors. Completing the form at the right will put entrepreneurs in contact with OGS Capital experts also able to help find necessary capital for startup expenses and to sustain operations in the early stages of the fitness business, or to fund expansion expenses. Before writing down your fitness center business plan, you must think about these below points.

Consider the in-depth analysis of all these points to have a clear idea of what exactly you want to do and then write a business plan. Fitness studio, health studio business are expanding these days. Note It is important to explain a minor line between fitness studio and gym.

Fitness studio is commonly used by community people professionals and athletes.To set yourself up for success in the fitness industry, do yourself a favour and spend some time writing a marketing plan. It is a vital piece of your overall fitness business strategy, and will ultimately assist you in understanding the opportunities and identifying how to take advantage of them. As with anything in business, there is no better way to learn then jumping right in and getting some first-hand experience.

Designing a Fitness Centre: from Geo-marketing to Business Plan

Writing your marketing plan will help you to better understand your fitness business, how and what needs to be done to reach your goals, and it can help guide you in your decision making as you move forward.

In fact, it is important that your marketing plan is simple, easy to understand, outlines your marketing efforts and sets you some realistic yet daring goals. We are going to show you what needs to be on your 12 month fitness business marketing plan, how to keep it lean and useful, with meaningful data to help shape the way your fitness business operates. Plus, check out the end of this blog for a downloadable marketing plan template designed by us. Why did you start your business? What do you want to achieve?

fitness centre marketing plan design

Your business purpose should focus on what you are doing for your clients to meet their needs. Have a think about what are the challenges your clients face, and how your fitness business helps your clients to overcome it. SWOTS are popular for a reason. They are a fantastic snapshot of your current position and are useful in identifying where change could really drive your fitness business forward.

They are good to do at the beginning of your plan, to remind yourself of where you are currently sitting, and what goals are important to your business.

We recommend putting some real thought into your SWOT, and having it front and centre on your marketing plan. Remember this is a 12 month marketing plan, so base this on that time frame. Y our marketing mix contains four elements — each must work cohesively to ensure your marketing will be a success.

Essentially what are you offering, for how much, how will you promote it and where:. Product — What do you offer and what is unique about it i.


Price — What is the value of your memberships, list all types here and outline any special offers. Promotion — Where do you promote your business i. Place — where are you located, where are your target audience located, where do you promote i.

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fitness centre marketing plan design

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